LIBREVILLE - The military government that overthrew President Ali Bongo Ondimba this summer announced on Monday (Nov. 13) that presidential and legislative elections will be held in August 2025, according to an "indicative" timetable to be validated by a national conference next April.

"August 2025: elections and end of the transition", announced the military power spokesman live on state television Gabon Première, listing an "official transition timetable (...) adopted by the Cabinet Meeting", but which remains "indicative". This timetable must still be submitted to a national conference including "all the nation's" vital actors scheduled for April 2024, according to the timetable.

Ali Bongo succeeded his father at the helm of Gabon. His 14-year rule was ended by military leaders on August 30, moments after he was proclaimed the winner in a presidential election, which both the army and the opposition declared fraudulent.

The military putschists had invoked 'obviously rigged' elections and 'corrupt' power in the family and close circle of the head of state to depose him and promise to "return power to civilians" through elections, at the end of a transition whose duration they had not yet announced.

The main opposition candidate in the election, Albert Ondo Ossa, initially called the coup a 'family affair' since coup leader General Brice Oligui Nguema is reportedly a relative of Bongo.

Ossa later met with Gabon's new strongman.