This is a well written and researched book providing good analysis and insights into a continent faced with numerous challenges including poverty, conflicts and disease which has failed to realise its potential after 50 years of independence

. Mills’ ultimate message is that Africa’s problems and solutions remain in the hands of African leaders who need to lead their people to prosperity and socio-economic development.

The author, a passionate africanist with vast experience on African issues, provides interesting, stimulating and pertinent observations about Africa’s ongoing struggle against poverty. Africa is poor because of bad policies, lack of transparent governance and rampant corruption.

Mills emphasises the message that Africa’s poverty is now optional and African leaders must focus on how to deal with it and eradicate it by emulating others in Asia and Latin America and unlocking the continent’s huge human and underground potentials. He also stresses that Africa’s solutions can be found within the continent by Africans who need to admit their mistakes and be honest about their moral culpability.

Trade not aid is what Africa needs to capitalize on its abundant natural resources and emerging talents. Mills poses a serious challenge to conventional wisdom on Africa and points out that self-reliance is key to the continent’s future development and prosperity. Africans must realise that their future lies in their own hands and not in those of the East or West and aid donors.

The book offers a fresh approach and a guide for action and urges African leaders to adopt new realistic and pragmatic policies adaptable to global modern day requirements. This is an important book with valuable arguments that should become required reading for anyone interested in African affairs. Ali Bahaijoub

By Greg Mills

Penguin Books

Price £19.99