LONDON - The latest 'Exporting from across Britain 2023’ report reveals that financial and related professional services exports from across Britain grew by 3.1% in the year to 2021, according to cityUK.

Industry exports reached £134.7 billion – approximately £25 in every £100 of exports income in Great Britain. Nearly half (47%) of that contribution originated outside London, with the South East, Scotland, the North West making the largest export contributions at 10.7%, 6.8%, and 6.6% respectively.

According to the latest data, the majority (78%) of British financial and related professional services exports went to non-EU countries, while the EU accounted for the remaining 22%. The US was by far the largest destination, accounting for 34%, with other leading destinations including Luxembourg (6%), Ireland (5%), France and Germany (4% each) and Canada (3.4%).

Overall, the UK is the world’s second largest exporter of financial services, after the US.

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