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Microsoft rolls out new Windows 10 update

WASHINGTON - Windows 10 appears to have cemented its dominance over Windows 7.

The newer operating system overtook Windows 7 in terms of market share back in December, however the latter appeared to have clung on to a significant user base
even though support for the operating system will cease in mere months.

However, it seems a number of Windows 7 users have finally started migrating to Windows 10, at least according to data from NetMarketShare.

The site showed in the month of June this year, Windows 10 had a 45.79 percent market share and Windows 7 had 35.38 percent.

However, the following month the site claimed Windows 7 had lost 3.55 percent of its share while Windows 10 had gained 3.07 percent.

A graph displayed by NetMarketShare showed a huge gap between the two operating systems in terms of users.

While not confirmed, it is assumed the gains made by Windows 10 are mostly from Windows 7 users that have migrated to the newer Microsoft operating system.

Windows 7 support will cease on January 14, 2020 - Microsoft has warned individuals that if they continue to use the software it could become “more vulnerable to
security risks and viruses”.

While the American tech giant has declared some Windows 7 PCs will be capable of upgrading to Windows 10, it recommends users obtain newer hardware when
changing operating system, too.

The huge victory for Windows 10 comes as Microsoft has started rolling out a new update for the software.

The Redmond-based tech firm recently released a new build of Windows 10 20H1 to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft typically released early Windows 10 versions to members of its Insider programme - the software builds typically provide a glimpse at forthcoming features
for the computer platform.

Windows 10 20H1 is expected to be the first substantial upgrade for the operating system to release in 2020.

Microsoft has already discussed a number of changes 20H1 is braced to make - chief of these is a push to make users abandon typical passwords in exchange for
Windows Hello Face, fingerprint scanning or a PIN.(FA)