LONDON - UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman is considering multiple alternatives to Rwanda to deport asylum seekers to, according to reports, including South America.

Braverman is reportedly pushing for talks with Paraguay, Peru, and Belize in South and Central America.

Talks with Asunción appear to be in the most advanced stage, while another African country is also reportedly being considered.

The UK Home Office did not deny the report but said they will not be drawn into "speculation".

"Our world-leading Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda will help break the business model of criminal people-smuggling gangs and save lives," a Home Office spokesperson told The New Arab.

"We've always been clear we are committed to working with a range of international partners to tackle the global migration crisis."

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration of Belize Eamon Courtenay has denied claims his country is in talks with the UK to accept asylum seekers.

"We will not agree to accept exported migrants. That is inhumane and contrary to #InternationalLaw," he tweeted.

The Home Office, and Home Secretary Suella Braverman in particular, has been roundly criticised for the UK's policies and rhetoric surrounding asylum seekers and migrants. A pledge to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda has been highly controversial, with rights groups and activists branding it "inhumane" and "cruel".

Over the past few days, the horrific conditions at Manston detention centre in Kent have come to light, which houses 4,000 refugees despite only having space for 1,600.

The facility has been described as 'filthy' by residents.

On Tuesday, 11 asylum seekers evacuated from Manston were left in central London with nowhere to go.

Earlier this week, Braverman - who was controversially reappointed to the post just days after she had quit - was heavily criticised for comparing the arrival of migrants in Britain to an "invasion".

She has also come under fire for supporting the deportation of migrants to Rwanda, and earlier this year said watching a plane carrying deportees to the African country was her "dream".