GENEVA - Aid organizations delivered roughly 15,000 litres of fuel to Al Aqsa Hospital in Gaza, the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, reported on Friday.

UN children’s agency UNICEF warned that oxygen generators at the hospital will shut down without consistent delivery of fuel, putting the lives of more than 20 newborns at risk.

“It is critical that more fuel enters Gaza and that humanitarian organizations can work in safety as hostilities intensify,” OCHA said.

Meanwhile, just one hospital in northern Gaza, Al Awda, remains partially functionally but is not accessible.

Gaza’s remaining health facilities are struggling to operate amid ongoing shortages of fuel, equipment and medical items.

Entry of aid supplies into the enclave has been extremely limited since the start of the Israeli military incursion in Rafah governorate nearly three weeks ago.

Just over 900 aid trucks, including about 800 carrying food supplies, have entered Gaza since then.