RIYADH - Saudi Arabia’s $3.2 trillion luxury tourism drive fuels expansion plans for high-end travel service providers.

Luxury travel companies are currently striking deals to provide wealthy VIPs with access to premium clubs and fitness centres as well as premium airport assistance in Saudi Arabia.

A host of high-end consumer-benefit marketplaces and travel service providers such as Thriwe, Pastor & Co. and EaseMyTrip are gearing up for major expansion in Saudi Arabia, curating ultra-luxury services and amenities for affluent travellers amidst the country fast transitioning from a traditional pilgrimage destination to an emerging luxury tourism hub globally.

These companies are currently in the midst of striking partnerships and drawing up long-term plans with premium organisations and top-star hospitality majors in the country to provide access to premium clubs, fitness centres, besides offering luxury travel assistance at airports across the country for their affluent clients, industry insiders said.

They are also in parleys with banks and businesses to acquire, engage and retain top category customers through curated rewards, benefits, and loyalty programmes.